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Linde Hydraulics on the road to success

дата создания: 15.11.2011
  • Sales alliance with EATON opens up new markets and applications
  • Investments in sales and innovations start to pay off
  • Focus on a modular product range and mechatronic systems

"We are very close to reaching pre-crisis levels again", explained Thorsten Van der Tuuk, Head of Sales and Development at Linde Hydraulics, at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hanover, Germany. "Thanks to its new technologies and innovations, Linde Hydraulics has emerged from the crisis in a strong position". The company has also realigned its sales processes, making them more customer-focused and international in outlook. In addition, its highly successful ongoing sales alliance with EATON has made a major contribution to the significant increase in incoming orders this year, in both a structural and project-related sense, Van der Tuuk continued.

The forklift truck business has been revitalised by the sharp increase in in-house demand, but the agricultural technology and construction machinery segments in particular have also provided momentum.

"The sales alliance with EATON has enabled us to win key new projects with major customers, particularly in Asia and North America", added Van der Tuuk. In these regions, EATON is marketing Linde Series 02 pumps and motors under the new brand name "DuraForce", which highlights the durability and reliability of these drive components.

"This partnership with EATON allows us to deliver drive systems to our customers that are the perfect match for each other", said Van der Tuuk when explaining one major benefit of the partnership with EATON. Systems expertise is set to become even more important in future, he added, believing that if coordination of the overall system is optimised, this will achieve a considerable reduction in energy consumption and emissions. Increased efficiency and reduced emissions would then be among the major drivers of innovation in drive technology, he added. "Main drives and peripherals for engines both offer significant potential in this area", as Maik Manthey, Head of Electronic Systems & Drives, demonstrated using several examples of agricultural applications.

The interaction between optimised hydraulic and electrical drive technology and intelligent electronics would also play a key role in increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, Maik Manthey explained. For example, electrification of auxiliary drives in tractors saves up to 25 kW/h in diesel engine power and enables entirely new vehicle concepts to be developed. "Only Linde Hydraulics can offer hydrostatic and electrical systems from one source", said Manthey.

"We have first-class products and despite the clouded economic outlook for the next few years, there are good opportunities for us to grow considerably", said Van der Tuuk in summary. "We have certainly laid the groundwork for this to happen".

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